About the Lumbarda Club:

Pretty soon (during May – June, I hope) these pages will be filled with the history of the Lumbarda Club.

One thing I can tell you is that the Lumbarda Club is 100 years old! It was founded in 1917 and in 2017 it is 100 years old. Were hoping to have a thriving club with full attendance for our 100 years celebration

About this website:

This website is a work in progress and a labor of love by me, Ned Buratovich,  acting president of the Lumbarda Club. It’s meant to be a wonderful resource for all of the members of the Lumbarda Club. I have plans to include digitized videos and photos from our early meetings. There will be history of the Lumbarda Club and stories and bios of the various members. We will have family trees to see how we all are connected and much, much more.

However, all of this will take time and I can’t do it by myself. I will be asking some of you to contribute your old, historic photos, your stories about your parents and grandparents and memories of previous Lumbarda Club gatherings gone by. We used to call them picnics, because they really were picnics in the old days. These days, the yearly socials are catered events where the third, fourth and even fifth generation descendants of the original immigrants from the village of Lumbarda can get together and reminisce about our shared heritage.